Monday, February 2, 2009

"Real Change"? In who's world?

I live in a parallel world. I know I do because we pay our taxes. We have no driver to drive Hubby to work. We obviously don’t have a private jet to jet off in. This is my life. I cook our meals, buy our groceries, our gas and pay our bills as best we can.

The One thinks Daschle is absolutely qualified. Even though he seems to be unable to know whom he worked for and how much taxes he should pay. A driver paid by someone else he didn’t think was a problem! Geithner first had an illegal working for him. Geithner then didn’t pay two past years taxes after being audited for two years knowing he worked for IMF for four years. Geithner hires a lobbyist, after The One says lobbyists are not welcome on his paycheck.

The One had said “real Change” was in store, a difference “we can see”. Yes I do see a change, and that would not be for the better. Talk a bunch of sap, spread it on thick in the campaign and then do whatever you wanna do anytime you wanna do it. Then send out Gibbs to talk out of both sides of his mouth and pretend there is nothing wrong.

The Spend... I mean Stimulus bill is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. There is more pork in that bill than I have in wild hog meat. There is no end of the spending; there is no accountability of the people The One hires. Boy those CEOs are mean greedy people. It takes one to know one. The One knows the true colors of Dashchle, Geithner, Holder and Richardson. Remember he has known these men a very long time, and he knows that no one is better suited to do what he wants to do. As the old adage says, “like with like”. If The One wants anyone to think he is doing something different then he would do what he promised. Sadly, The One knew first hand he wasn’t going to deliver, that is why he danced so well. You don’t have to dance if you are telling the truth.

So while The One tap dances, we slug it out in the field, throw the feed we bought. We drive the used cars we are paying for, and hope to God one day The One will see the real world. We eat beans once a week because we do pay our taxes. Just so people like Daschle, Geithner and the rest can go on in their parallel world.
- K